Leon James   |   Keyboardist

Rounding out the group is Leon James, a 20-year old keyboardist, programmer, arranger and composer from Chennai.Although the youngest member of the group, he was awarded the best keyboardist by A.R. Rahman during a popular and hunt show in Chennai and was also awarded the same by Yamaha for the South Indian Asian Beats Contest. He has played for International Music Festivals like Fete De La Musique, Indigo Jazz and Blues Music Fest, Chennai Global Music Festival and also performs at corporate Events and Pro Shows in the Western and Indian Film Music Circuit. Although the sole instrumentalist in the group accompanying the harmonic role, he, like his band mates struggles to define the sound of the music. âThereâs a real array of influences, from jazz-rock guys like Chick Corea, John Mclaughlin, Victor Wooten and Vinnie
Colaiuta, to Indian classical and other world music styles,â said James. âI guess you could call it âNeo-Carnatic

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