Prakash   |   Mandolin Virtuoso

Prakash is a classically trained Carnatic south Indian mandolin virtuoso.Along with veteran maestro U.Srinivas, he is one of the few classical musicians regularly performing and moving the instrument forward.After receiving his initial formative training with U.P Raju, he furthered his studies with vocal and veena master Innisai Maamani Smt. Padma Veeraraghavan, (a disciple of yester-year stalwarts Ariyakudi Sri. Ramanuja Iyengar for more.and Palghat Sri K.V.Narayanaswamy). 

He began performing classically in 1999, won the National level Music Competition held by All India Radio in 2007 (CarnaticInstrumental category) and became an All India Radio ‘B’ grade artist in the same year.He is also the recipient of the Bharath Kalachar and CCRT Central Government Scholarships. In addition to his original and classical work,Prakash continues to work in the film industry,composing and producing soundtrack works . 

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